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Treat Architects is a Missouri Professional Corporation, founded in 1992 by Thomas J. Treat, with the purpose of providing quality architecture for a fair price, while holding to the principles of our faith.

Fundamental Design Approach

We believe the process of designing and constructing a new building should be a fun and exciting experience. Our goal is to lead our clients in creating that idea structure in a pleasant, enjoyable manner. We believe each project demands the very highest level of personal care provided by the architect. We believe the architect is just one part of the project team, where egos are not a design tool and should be left on the shelf.

We believe Architecture is the Art of creating beautiful, inviting space, and the Science of building structures that wonderfully organize that space to fit our daily lives in a very practical, sensible manner.

We believe the process of creating space should be a fun and exciting experience for our Clients. We strive to simplify the process and enable our Clients to fully understand the evolutionary nature of the design procedure. We want our Clients to be at ease with us, and the process.

We believe that the building site has a huge influence on the building design. The existing context (other buildings), and the existing site (sun, access, views, slope, natural features, etc.) must be considered during the pre-design portion of the work.

We do not impose designs on our clients. We do not have a signature design style that predetermines aesthetics. Our designs evolve from a rigorous inquiry of client needs and site characteristics.

We believe in the value of a close relationship between the Client and the architect. It is a necessary part of the design process.

We believe in our people. Our staff of dedicated design professionals is extremely gifted and highly motivated to produce a unique solution to your building needs. We believe the advantage of the small firm is personal care for our clients and their projects that can be lost in a large firm.

Our team of experienced design professionals will spend the first meetings with new clients simply listening to your needs and dreams, wishes and desires. The resulting architecture responds to those needs to provide solutions that are as unique as our clients.

We believe in using language that is easy to understand, familiar to all- not the industry jargon that other firms use. Our goal is to communicate, not confuse. We want to transform problem solving into a work of three-dimensional art.


Currently considered avant garde by many. We have been employing the principles of sustainability for over 20 years; good design using high quality materials to produce buildings that use less energy. Sustainability is simply a respect for the natural world.

We believe in integrating sustainable design principles within a project’s design solution for those Clients who desire those features. We do not force our values or beliefs on our clients.

We believe in a deliberate use and control of day-lighting and a sensitive selection of interior materials and color palettes contribute to the overall quality of the indoor space. If we can be kind to our planet by selecting recycled materials, that’s a plus, although not mandatory.

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